Corrected star counts across the Northern Galactic Plane

In Farnhill et al (2016) we present completeness-corrected star counts in the r and i bands for the Northern Galactic Plane (|b| < 5°) derived from IPHAS DR2 photometry. Note that IPHAS magnitudes are expressed in the Vega system.

Plots to different limiting magnitudes and angular resolutions are presented, and access is provided to query-able fits files from which numerical counts can be extracted.

Limiting mag: 17.0 17.5 18.0 18.5 19.0 19.5 20.0
1' resolution  i  i  r, i  r, i  r, i  r  r
2' resolution  i  i  r, i  r, i  r, i  r  r
10' resolution  i  i  r, i  r, i  r, i  r  r
30' resolution  i  i  r, i  r, i  r, i  r  r
1° resolution  i  i  r, i  r, i  r, i  r  r
The maps are available below in multi-extension FITS format. The first extension provides counts down to limiting magnitudes of 18.0 and 17.0 for r and i bands respectively. Further extensions provide counts down to limiting magnitudes of 20.0 (r) and 19.0 (i), in increments of 0.5 mag.

Resolution:  1'  2'  10'  30'  1° 1' correction maps
 r, i   r, i   r, i   r, i   r, i 
r, i

The coefficents of the completeness curves described in Section 3.7 of Farnhill et al (2016) are available in fits tables: r-band, i-band