With the arrival of IGAPS, merging data products from the IPHAS and UVEX surveys, a website superseding this one is now available: go to The new site serves up all the imaging data obtained over 15 years, now including IPHAS r/i/Hα images since 2014 and all UVEX URGO/g/r images. This site,, will expire in autumn 2020.

The INT Photometric H-Alpha Survey (IPHAS) is imaging the Northern Milky Way in visible light using the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) in La Palma.

IPHAS surveys the Galactic Plane at -5° < b < +5° and 29° < l < 215° in r, i, and Hα down to >20th magnitude.

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The IPHAS (r-Hα, r-i) colour-colour plane enables a broad range of science going beyond the selection of emission line stars.

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Data Release 2

Our public data products include a photometric catalogue, imaging data, and a 3D extinction map.

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Our images can be used to construct wide-area mosaics of star-forming regions and extended objects.

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Over 70 ADS entries mention IPHAS in the title, while over 170 mention IPHAS in the abstract.

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Getting involved

How to get in touch; graduate student opportunities; the names and places involved in IPHAS.

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